Does Ezekiel Elliot deserve a six game suspension if any games at all with lack of evidence? How does the suspension affect the Cowboys season? Will Colin Keapernick play another down in the National Football League? How did DeShoun Watson look in his first preseason game?

[2:17] Ezekiel Elliot Suspension

[27:15] Colin Keapernick

[42:17] DeShoun Watson Debut



Who are the top five wide receivers going into the 2017 season? Can the patriots go undefeated this year? Houston Texans or Dallas Cowboys, which team wins more games this year? Is LeBron James a drama king?

[2:50] Top 5 Wide Receivers

[38:12] Nfl Questions

[49:41] LeBron James


Why is off the field violence more prevalent in the NFL as opposed to other sports? Which new additons to there NFL teams will have the biggest impact? What does Kryie Irving wanting to leave Cleveland say about LeBron James? Is there an underlining issue that we are missing?

[2:15] NFL Violence

[18:38] New NFL Additions

[39:39] Kyrie Irving



The crew discusses Kyrie Irving not wanting to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore. More talk about whether or not Matt Ryan is a Top 5 Quarterback. Will we see legalized NBA gambling in the United States? Should the NBA consider playoff realignment? Which NFL teams will surprise the league next year?

(2:17) Kyrie Irving

(20:36) Matt Ryan Revisited

(23:54) Adam Silver Legalized Gambling

(27:27) NBA Playoff Realignment

(33:44) NFL teams on the rise this season


Who are the Top 5 Quartebacks going the 2017 Season? Running Back Ezekiel Elliott and D'onta Foreman find themselves in trouble with the law. All-time leading rusher vs. the most electrifying rusher of all-time. What does the Houston Rockets being on sale mean?

(3:15) Ezekiel Elliott and D'onta Foreman

(17:05) Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith

(24:32) Top 5 QB'S 2017 SEASON

(49:150) Houston Rockets for sale




We discuss if and when is it ok to change loyalty towards your team, Joe Montana's comments toward Colin Keapernick and Richard Sherman thinks the NFL should go on strike in order to get the amount of money the NBA and MLB gets. Is Carmelo Anthony still bond for the Houston Rockets?






What does it mean that James Harden signs record breaking contract? What are the expectations now with or without a Carmelo Anthony? What to make of Lonzo Ball's two games in Summer League play. What can we expect for the NFL this upcoming season?

3:14 James Harden

29:05 Lonzo Ball

45:53 National Football League


The crew disscuses there top five most disrecpectful moments in sports.

(2:14) Serena Williams and John McEnroe Tirades (3:36) Dunks  (6:15) The Headbutt                                             

(8:45) Ear Bite (12:05) Sacramento Queens (13:55) Big Shot Rob (16:33) How my ass taste?

(19:50) Malice in the Palace (23:00) Moon (26:50) A.I (29:55) Colin Kaepernick (35:48) No Handshaking


The growth and impact of Flag Football in the United States. This is not only a game for young children, but for all ages.


The Crew talks NBA Offseason, Why Sports talk is dominated by NBA and NFL, and whether or not John McEnroe was disrespectful towards Serena Williams?

(2:33) How Kevin Durant decision affects the NBA.

(13:55) Why is Sports Talk dominated by NBA and NFL. What other sports are on the rise?

(40:14) Was John McEnroes comment about were Serena Williams would be ranked on the men's side disrespectful?


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