Part 2 of the Heated debate regarding Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis.


Aaron Hernandez CTE diagnosis and what that means to the NFL. Do the Houston Texans have any at beating the New England Patriots in Foxboro? Cowboys vs. Cardinals on Monday Night. The start of the intense debate regarding Cinncinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis.

[3:25] Aaron Hernandez

[23:30] Texans vs. Patriots

[30:53] Cowboys vs. Cardinals

[40:31] Games of the Week

[54:37] The Calm before the Storm


After there lose to the Denver Broncos is there cause for concern for Cowboy Nation? We debate over the ESPN NBA preseason rankings. What do we think about Kevin Durant and his fake twitter accounts? Swaggy p?

[2:18] Dallas Cowboys

[41:41] ESPN NBA BPI Preseason Rankings

[49:11] Kevin Durant fake twitter accounts

[1:08:23] Swaggy P


The Texans win a ugly one against the Bengals, how did Deshaun Watson look in his first career start? Who is winning the big fight, Canelo or Golovgin? Is Draymon Green a top 10 player?

[2:40] Texans vs. Bengals

[24:12] Cowboys vs. Broncos

[27:40] NFL Talk

[41:20] Canelo vs. Golovgin

[52:45] Draymond Green



Week one of the NFL is in the books, the crew discuss the games and what the wins and loses mean.

[2:41] Texans vs. Jaguars

[25:39] Texans vs Bengals Predictions

[29:16] Packers vs. Seahawks

[33:03] Cowboys vs. Giants

[44:49] Most impressive teams week one



The Start of the NFL Season is finally here.

[4:16] Patriots vs Chiefs

[14:45] Texans vs Jaguars

[17:21] Cowboys vs Giants

[26:07] Super Predictons

[30:33] Ezekiel Elliott

[43:44] Houston Rockets New Owner

[1:00:38] LA Lakers fined for tampering



Sports News and Scores for 08/28/2017


The crew discusses Kevin Durant saying he would boycott his visit to the White House, the upcoming boxing match with Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor and they talk about NFL Quarterbacks.

[2:38] Kevin Durant White House Boycott

[27:53] Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

[43:20] NFL



Does Ezekiel Elliot deserve a six game suspension if any games at all with lack of evidence? How does the suspension affect the Cowboys season? Will Colin Keapernick play another down in the National Football League? How did DeShoun Watson look in his first preseason game?

[2:17] Ezekiel Elliot Suspension

[27:15] Colin Keapernick

[42:17] DeShoun Watson Debut



Who are the top five wide receivers going into the 2017 season? Can the patriots go undefeated this year? Houston Texans or Dallas Cowboys, which team wins more games this year? Is LeBron James a drama king?

[2:50] Top 5 Wide Receivers

[38:12] Nfl Questions

[49:41] LeBron James


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